A Career of Military & Law Enforcement Service.

Rey Rodriguez was born in Vega Alta, Puerto Rico (a U.S. Territory) in 1973 and raised in Brooklyn, New York. A 16-year resident of Bulloch County, Rey has dedicated his entire adult life, since volunteering for the Army at age 18, to the protection of citizens through his service in the U.S. Military and Law Enforcement. He puts his life on the line every day to protect the peace and ensure the safety of the citizens of our country, our state and our county.

Rey's Role as a Manager of People.

Rey Rodriguez has been in numerous positions requiring the supervision of people during his 20 years of military service, and has had direct oversight and responsibilities for groups of 10 to 100 soldiers, depending on the mission.

Multitasking is a MUST in both the law enforcement and military professions, and Rey is well equipped to continue this work as Sheriff of Bulloch County.

The Responsibility of an Army Sergeant is ever changing. Rey's mentoring of his subordinates on topics ranging from life experiences to military education reassures him of their abilities to take care of things when he is absent.

Delegation of tasks and following up on them is the most important thing in the military. Selecting people that are right for the tasks and having full confidence in them is a must. Rey's mentoring of his subordinates on topics ranging from life experiences to military education reassures him of their abilities to take care of things when he is absent.

"I maintain and account for millions of dollars worth of military equipment in my units, and I am required to stay proficient in all my technical tasks. I am also responsible for the lives of the men and women who serve under me. I make sure my troops are competent, qualified and cautious in all their duty tasks. This is the only way to ensure we operate at maximum efficiency and safely. There is no other alternative."

– Rey Rodriguez

The responsibilities of a Law Enforcement Sergeant and Supervisor is very similar in that deputies are "people" and must they must be treated with respect. While in his supervisory role as a Road Patrol Sergeant in Bulloch County, Rey managed six deputies in the Road Patrol Division, ensuring his deputies had equal coverage in the county, enforced traffic laws and responded to calls for service.

Rey has set up landing zones for air evacuations, assisted motorists and walked through Bulloch's schools conducting safety checks. Rey also maintained and reviewed case files for felony and misdemeanor cases, processed evidence, issued warrants, testified in court and conducted online training. All these duties were done while Rey maintained his responsibilities as Road Patrol Sergeant. During this time Rey would also train new deputies on Road Patrol duties as a Field Training Officer (FTO), while being a member of the Sheriff's Emergency Response Team and the BCSO Honor Guard.

Rey pictured with his sons Michael and Asher.

Rey's Bulloch County Life

Rey has called Bulloch County his home for the past 16 years, and and is proud to be a part of this thriving and growing community. He is raising two sons – Michael Anthony Rodriguez and Asher Rey Rodriguez – in our county, and has recently married Nevils native Melanie Hendrix Rodriguez.

Active in community events and charitable events, Rey is known for being a friendly, outgoing man who loves his family, his friends and his community, and is proud to be living in Bulloch County.

In 2017, Rey participated in "Dancing with the Statesboro Stars" charity dance contest, one of Bulloch's most successful fundraising events. He and his dance partner raised over $22,000 for Bulloch County's Safe Haven Domestic Violence Shelter through their public fundraising events tied to the contest.

"Raising my two sons in Bulloch County has been one of the most wonderful experiences of my lifetime. To have them grow in such a thriving and friendly community is something that will stay with them for the rest of their lives. I was raised in Brooklyn, NY, so having the opportunity of seeing my two boys grow up in a small rural setting is so rewarding to me. I can't imagine living anywhere else with my family."

– Rey Rodriguez

Grateful for the recognition he has received, Rey defers the honor when accepting his awards to his family and co-workers for being his support system and states, "The Christmas cards, notes left on windshields and thank-you hugs are the moments you never forget, and this makes each effort worth it all".

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